1/7 Scale Uchiha Series 004 Turning the tide of Battle Itachi Uchiha – Naruto Resin Statue – Ventus Studios [In Stock]


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  • Ventus Studios
  • Resin + PU
  • 1/7 Scale
  • Itachi:H45 * W27 * D27cm Estimated
  • Special Bonus:H18 * W15 * D11cm Estimated
  • Time-Limited
  • Shipping Date: Within 10 working days after payment is done


  1. Itachi includes Susanoo Base + Kabuto Yakushi + Impure World Reincarnation Exchangeable head sculpt & bust statue + An Exchangeable arms.
  2. Brothers Set (003 & 004) including The Pupil of Vengeance Sasuke Uchiha + Turning the tide of Battle Itachi Uchiha and a Special Bonus: Brotherly reconciliation.
  3. The thickness of the hair on both sides of the Itachi has been fine-tuned, the necklace has been changed to not be attached to the body.
  4. The Special Bonus has been fine-tuned to the thickness of the hair on the back of the Itachi & Sasuke’s head, the eyes have been adjusted to look at each other, and the Itachi’s clothes have been added with a rift effect.

*All of those statues/ items have not included the shipping cost, the shipping cost calculated when ready for shipping, and inform via email.


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