60cm Colossal Titan – Attack on Titan Resin Statue – CHIKARA Studios [In Stock]

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  • CHIKARA Studios
  • Resin + PU + LED
  • H60 * L59 * D62cm Estimated
  • Eren Yeager’s Height 30cm Estimated
  • Bundle B 60cm Deluxe with LED:Limited to 168pcs
  • Bundle C 60cm Standard:Limited to 168pcs
  • Bundle D Eren Yeager:Limited to 188pcs
  • Shipping Date:Within 10 working days after payment is done


  1. The Colossal Titan contains an LED which can be remote-controlled.
  2. Bundle B 60cm Deluxe with LED includes Attack Titan + LED which can be remote controlled + Pure Titans*4 + Soldiers of Corps *3.
  3. Bundle C 60cm Standard contains Attack Titan ONLY.
  4. Bundle D contains Eren Yeager with TWO Exchangeable head sculpts.
  5. Bundle E (Full Set) with LED includes Bundle B 60cm Deluxe with LED + Eren Yeager with an exchangeable head sculpt & head sculpt base with LED.


Due to the large size of this figure (Bundle B 60cm Deluxe with LED & Bundle C 60cm Standard), the shipping cost will be expensive. We won’t know the exact shipping rate until the figure is released, but we estimate that it will be just as expensive if not more expensive than the figure itself. Please keep this in mind before purchasing. Feel free to email us at support@figuretopia.com for a rough estimate on shipping.

*All of those statues/ items have not included the shipping cost, the shipping cost calculated when ready for shipping, and inform via email.

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