1/6 Scale Licensed Movable Uchiha Madara – Naruto Statue – ROCKET TOYS Studio [In Stock]


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  • ROCKET TOYS Studio
  • Cloth + Rope + Alloy + PVC + ABS
  • 1/6 Scale
  • Total Height 33cm Estimated
  • Time-Limited
  • Shipping Date:Within 10 working days after payment is done


  1. Uchiha Madara: ONE Nude body + ONE Head (Serious Expression) + ONE Exchangeable Face with Evil Smile + SIX Movable eyes ball (TWO Black three-tomoe Sharingan; TWO Mangekyo Sharingan; ONE Black Mangekyo Sharingan; TWO Rinnegan) + Eyes ball adjustment rod + TWELVE Exchangeable Hand Gesture + ONE Breastplate; TWO Pauldrons; THREE Skirt Armor made of Alloy + Base.
  2. Costume: ONE clothe (Uchiha Clan Logo printed; Inlaid metal thread on the hem) + ONE pant + Bandage that is fixed on the calf.
  3. Weapon: ONE Gunbai (Length 30.5cm Estimated) + ONE Kama (Length 34.5cm Estimated) + Weapon chain that can connect with both weapons.
  4. Free Gift: ONE Exchangeable Head (Roar Expression). It is interchangeably with Normal Head.

*All of those statues/ items have not included the shipping cost,?the shipping cost calculated when ready for shipping and inform via email.

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